Guarantee and Refund Policy

We provide clients with guaranteed SEO Services.

Some other SEO and Internet Marketing companies do not offer guaranteed services, and tend to blame their failure to improve your website traffic and keyword rankings on their lack of control over Google, Yahoo, and Bing (which is true). What would motivate you to hire a company to provide services using your well-earned dollars with no guarantee at all? What if that company does not provide you with any results, and you end up losing your investment in SEO?
We are a performance based SEO company that delivers guaranteed SEO results. If we were customers looking to hire an SEO Company or Internet Marketing Company, we would want an iron clad guarantee before starting the project.
All SEO services are month-to-month, with no contract required. We want to prove our worth and earn your business and enter into a long term relationship.

How It Works

This policy pertains to SEO Service Plans and any related VIP SEO GROUP services and consulting required to provide those services.

i.) The six month "proof of performance" period begins with the live launch of the website, or when the site is handed over to VIP SEO GROUP for optimization.
ii.) If SEO rankings are not achieved by the 6-month "proof of performance" period, the client can request continued service at no cost until results are achieved. In this way, we can provide an iron-clad guarantee.
iii.) If a request is made for VIP SEO GROUP to continue service at no cost, we will provide an additional 3 (three) months of services until results are achieved.

Refund Policy - Benefits & Enhancements

We've found that the following benefits and enhancements help our clients make the most of the programs and services we offer.

i.) Services may be cancelled at anytime. If cancellation occurs during the middle of a monthly period a refund will not be granted.
ii.) All SEO work requires site-level optimization. If any changes to website content, copy, keywords, images, alt tags, structure, or to elements such as menus on the website, are made by the client or client's agent (such as a web designer) without agreement by VIP SEO GROUP, no refund will be granted.
iii.) If our recommendations are refused or denied by the client, a refund will be denied.
iv.) VIP SEO GROUP Inc must be the only search engine optimization company. If another or alternative SEO company is hired, no refunds or continuation of work will be granted.


guaranteed seo service

Each affordable SEO package guarantees top positions in Google, Yahoo, and Bing, and increased website traffic, or we continue at no cost until your results are achieved

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